ways to share a smile

"life can be full on, be it family, school, work, friends or life
in general, so we'v
e loved creating our positive designs to have at hand when we need reminding what a great job we are doing"

'Mini' happy cards 

are great to inspire and motivate you, a family member, friend, work colleague,
school buddy or someone needing to know they are doing a great job.

They are the perfect size for having close at hand and have
space for a message to be written on the back too!

- pop one in a purse, bag or coat pocket

- place one on a desk, in a lunchbox or in a pencil case

- leave one on a bedside table, on the fridge or by shoes for the morning

- give one to a friend, school buddy or pupil who might need reminding how
fabulous they are or how well they've done

Wherever they may appear, our happy cards are a great reminder that
we've got this, are pretty awesome and can achieve anything

'Postcard' happy cards 

are perfect to post, hand deliver or place somewhere with a happy
message or words of encouragement for someone who needs it.

They are ready for some positive words or a happy message to be written on the back!

- for pupils doing well at school

- school buddies who need to know how amazing their friends think they are

- friends who need a smile or family who might be feeling a little lonely

- Or simply to remind ourselves how great we are

happy 'A4 & A5' posters 

are just right to display in your home, at work or in school to add a splash
of colour and happiness or words of encouragement.